Dr. Jessica Del Pozo

I am a licensed clinical psychologist with a passion for helping people reduce suffering related to chronic pain, insomnia, fatigue, digestive problems, and other conditions that are exacerbated by daily stress, anxiety, depression, and relationship conflict.


I founded Lemke Health Partners in 2013 to connect with other practitioners and help individuals, professionals, and organizations integrate changes to improve well-being, reduce burnout, and enhance resilience.


Over the past two decades, I have worked for Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine, Kaiser Permanente, and Chapa De Indian Health. I currently have a private practice in the beautiful Sierra foothills and lead workshops with other professionals.


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Services at a Glance

Individual Appointments



  • via Zoom & retreat centers

  • Workplace Well-being 

  • Resilience workshops, for health care providers, pastors, teachers, attorneys, and first responders.
Consultation with clinics seeking integrated pain management, early intervention, prevention of chronic pain, opioid management, and burnout mitigation for professionals. 

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Licensed Clinical Psychologist: 124 East Street, Auburn, California

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