Licensed Clinical Psychologist: 124 East Street, Auburn, California

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Jessica Del Pozo

Jessica Del Pozo, PhD, is a licensed clinical psychologist whose passion is helping people reduce suffering related to chronic pain, insomnia and fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, and other conditions that are exacerbated by daily stress, anxiety, depression, and relationship conflict.


Dr. Del Pozo has over 18 years of experience helping individuals, professionals and organizations integrate small changes to improve wellness, reduce burnout, and enhance resilience. She has a private practice in the beautiful Sierra foothills of Auburn, California near Sacramento.

  • Placer Mental Health, Alcohol & Drug Advisory Board: Board member & Children's Committee Chair.

  • California Psychological Association: member

PACE for Pain is a workshop series that actively engages attendees in a deeper understanding of themselves and teaches coping skills to manage chronic pain, mood, and fatigue. 


Dr. Del Pozo created and implemented PACE in outpatient clinics such as Chapa-De Indian Health. 


She has directed opioid safety programs, biofeedback clinics, and taught continuing medical education (CME) courses for physicians and other health care providers on various topics. 

Lemke Health Partners

Lemke Health Partners (LHP) consists of Dr. Del Pozo and colleagues from multiple disciplines (nursing, dietetic, medicine, recovery, physical therapy, and education) who collaborate to promote wellness, preventative care, and early intervention for stress-related conditions that impact functioning. LHP provides workshops and retreats in the USA and abroad. 

Dr. Del Pozo and colleagues have been featured in the Sacramento Bee, the Daily Beast, and published in professional journals such as the American Heart Journal.