Body Soul Series

The 6 entry points we will explore are: breath, heart, digestion, sleep, musculoskeletal, and skin.

Each class will begin with physiological information and experience of how our anatomy and physiology align with thoughts and emotions as well as connect us on a deeper spiritual level. Concepts are drawn from neuroscience, allostasis, mindfulness and psychology. The experientials are nourishing and applicable to every day life.

The invitation is to enhance well-being, resilience, and flexibility in daily life by:

  • Exploring more about yourself

  • Engaging in healthy patterns in a new way

  • Connecting to the wisdom you already possess

Heading 1

Breath of Life Class 


Fridays 9:00 AM PST [OPEN]. 

Cost: Donation


Everything we are and experience is woven together with breath. The dynamic nature of breath profoundly affects how we feel at any given moment and changes with each activity, thought, and emotion. It intricately connects us to our own body and mind, and affects how we relate to one another.


Defined as spirit in ancient Greek, breathwork is an avenue to explore rhythms of our body and soul. Subtle shifts in breathing patterns can center, energize, or invite deep calm.  Regular breathing practices can increase awareness, mental focus, emotional agility, physical well-being, and personal resilience.