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Sustainable Resilience

This program introduces foundational principles that impact individual and interpersonal resilience and provides practical skills that support the brain-body system’s natural capacity to heal and to anticipate new challenges. 

Classes are 4 individual classes (2 CEs each):

Course 1: Allostasis: Defining Health in an Interconnected World

Course 2: Physiological Resilience: Integrating Human Health &

                 Biological Rhythms

Course 3: Cognitive Resilience: Key Characteristics of Resilience

Course 4: Interpersonal Resilience: Healing through Connection &

                 Social Repair

In collaboration with Mercy Retreat Center for the general public and health care professionals. 

APA-approved Continuing Education for nurses, psychologists, LCSWs, MFTs, & other health care professionals.

Health and Resilience in a

Rapidly-Changing World

Stress in our ever-changing world affects us deeply emotionally and physically and impacts our health.This retreat is designed as a response to the ongoing pandemic and other harsh realities that often accompany personal trauma and loss. The retreat will be devoted to those who carry the burden and anxiety, stress and exhaustion, that becomes all-consuming and life-depleting. Drawing from practical biopsychosocial skills and principles of allostasis, interwoven with contemplative practices, emphasis is on the holistic approach to resilience that supports our brain-body’s natural capacity to heal, grow and move with energy, creativity, and freedom. We can expand our personal and interpersonal adaptability on a physiological, cognitive, and sacred level.

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