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Wisdom of the BodySoul


with Jessica Del Pozo

This course has three prongs: movement, breathwork, and writing. Movements and breathwork often mirror elements of nature as we wave hands like clouds or calm the waters. A state of flow emerges with practice and repetition that can be carried throughout our day.  Each class will end with a writing prompt and sharing as time allows. These elements woven together help us live in harmony with ourselves and the world around us, connecting heaven and earth

Select Fridays & Saturdays, 9-9:50 AM Pacific Standard Time

Next Classes for 2023:  April 28thMay 12th

Please contact me here to receive the Zoom link for this course. 

Suggested Offering $10-15 USD (Not Required)


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Qigong (pronounced ‘chee-gung’) is a slow-flowing movement meditation for the BodySoul. It weaves mindfulness and breathing together with movements that have rhythm and flow to both energize and calm. Rooted in Chinese (Taoist) medicine, meditation, and martial arts, Qigong has been practiced for thousands of years for health and vitality, and to increase energy (qi), balance, and wellbeing. 


Qigong movements are gentle and slow requiring the minimum amount of effort needed to move without struggle. It is both relaxing and empowering for soul and body.


Our internal experience and movements become fluid and adaptable as we face uncertainty or difficulty in our lives. By strengthening and softening, we learn to sense subtle shifts in the range of options available to us in any given moment. 

Sample Handout: The 8 Silk Brocades


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Breathing is one natural rhythm that occurs under our awareness and can also easily shift with intention. Breathing is a powerful point of entry to increase awareness of subtle messages the body has for us. Shifting how and where we breath from can influence blood flow and brain waves, impact the choices we make, enhance attention and focus, and change how we feel.


Breath woven with the gentle movements of Qigong provides a feedback loop of fluidity that increases movement coordination, postural stability, regulates physiology, and alters mood. Breathing better can reduce anxiety and improve overall wellbeing. 


The effort required for breathing can be gentle, low intensity, and rhythmic, exerting just enough effort necessary for any given task. The practice of wu wei, or effortless effort, applies to breath, movements, and any moment or task. 


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Written Expression is a valuable way to explore more about what we really want and invite it into our lives. The third prong of each class will include a writing prompt relevant to the topic of the day. 


Writing can help us access parts of ourselves we usually don't. Participants are encouraged to write for four minutes without pausing, to discover new insights, express emotions, and move through change. 


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