Licensed Clinical Psychologist: 124 East Street, Auburn, California

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Individual Appointments​: 124 East Street, Auburn, California (greater Sacramento area).
Telehealth available. 
Psychotherapy: my practice (here).
Biofeedback: What is Biofeedback? (here)
Heart rate variability training​
Skin conductance
Workshops & Classes
Managing Fatigue 
Sleep Enhancement 
Managing Irritable Bowel Syndrome 
Managing Chronic Pain: Musculoskeletal, Pelvic, Headaches
Self-Care & Stress Management
Mindfulness for Health Care Providers
Resilience for Attorneys
Self-compassion for Caregivers
Introduction to Biofeedback & Self-regulation
Making  Healthy Changes that Last
Stability Through Change 
Health Care Consulting
Pain Management
Early Intervention and Prevention of Chronic Pain
Opioid Management