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Who We Are


Jessica Del Pozo, PhD


Jess is a licensed clinical psychologist with more than 20 years of experience in healthcare helping individuals and organizations integrate changes to live well and enhance resilience. She facilitates wellness classes, workshops, and retreats and writes the blog Being Awake Better. Her private practice is in Auburn, California.


Kevin Gallagher, JD


 Kevin is an author, attorney, facilitator, and founder of Emergent Resilience, a nonprofit organization that helps individuals and organizations navigate this time of transition. He is an organizing member of Sacred Activism as well as a wilderness guide and author of Hike the World and forthcoming Climate Rite: Initiation of an Eco-Chaplain.


Latifat Alli-Akintade, MD


Latifat is a physician at Kaiser Permanente specializing in gastroenterology. She received her bachelor's degree from UCLA in microbiology, immunology and molecular diseases, and her medical degree from the UCSF. Her residency training at Mount Sinai Hospital, New York was followed by a fellowship at UC Davis. She is a life coach and organizer of White Coats for Black Lives in Sacramento.


Sung Lee, MD


Sung has published numerous studies on relationships between the brain and behavior, with a focus on allostasis, traumatic stress effects, and neuro-education.  He has been principal investigator for neurotechnology research awards from the US Department of Defense, is a scholarly project advisor at U Arizona, and he co-founded a Waldorf school in Sedona, AZ.  Sung is currently writing a book about new paradigms in the neurosciences.

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Ed Brantmeier, PhD

Peace Educator

Ed Brantmeier is an educator, author, husband and father of three boys. As a man who has experienced multiple adverse childhood experiences, he enjoys supporting other men's journeys of difficulty, growth, and healing. His engagement with contemplative practices spans almost 30 years and includes meditation, martial arts, nature immersion, and journaling. His most recent books, Pedagogy of Vulnerability and Culturally Competent Engagement: A Mindful Approach, focus on mutual self disclosure and various contemplative practices to deepen connection in relationships.

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