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I attended a course on allostasis and biological rhythms with Dr. Del Pozo and now have a new paradigm in my mind that helps me better organize how I practice. I feel more able to guide patients to discover anticipatory moments of the day that could impact health and help them insert new practices into their daily rhythms. I am more attuned to the variability among people, and how to structure my own day to enhance mood, function, and flow. 

-Dr. Holden, Physician

I have attended a variety of courses and retreats for many years and recently attended Resilience in Crisis. Dr. Del Pozo addresses the Covid-19 crisis, coping with emotional challenges and building resilience. Class members were encouraged to identify their struggles, assess strengths, and understand the bigger scope as she presents layers of coping. Most significant to me was faith, trust, and letting go. I think many people could benefit from this course. In fact, I would take it again in a heartbeat!

-Colleen Hogan, Registered Nurse

It can be overwhelming to be working on social justice and environmental issues. We can walk through our days not realizing the toll it is taking. Stability Through Change is a wonderful workshop experience, a time to be seen, heard, validated, refreshed, and armed with new insights and tools to live more fully. I highly recommend it; it is needed more than ever! 

-Lizzie Moore, Communications Director,, & host of Placer Clean on Auburn Community Television


This intimate workshop experience presents the foundations for a practical understanding of the concept of allostasis and rhythms of change we are all subject to as humans living in time. By providing a lens on health, self-care, and self-investigation that feels authentic and personal, the facilitators offer a thoughtful array of scientific thinking, personal reflection and journaling, yoga and movement, and group sharing. I recommend this workshop not only for those on the "front lines" of social justice/education/nonprofit work which can have particular challenges, but also for anyone wishing to build their understanding on how to cultivate more awareness and adaptability around physical and emotional rhythms and how those impact our work and lives.

-Amee Evans Godwin, artist and education research and development lead


The allostasis workshop was just what I needed after a hectic time in my professional and personal life.  Andrea is a gifted yoga practitioner who helped my mind and body re-balance. Jessica is very knowledgeable about the body-brain connection and she provided me just the right amount of new learning (about internal rhythms and allostasis principles) balanced with quiet reflection and integration of that new knowledge.  I intend to attend one of their allostasis workshops again, knowing that taking some time away to reflect, breathe, stretch, and journal will make me more able to help others in my life.

-Amy Dieter, pre-K teacher


Image by Amee Evans Godwin

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