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Growing Resilient Together 

The wholeness and freedom we seek is our true nature, who we really are. 

-Jack Kornfield



Our Journey from Here:

Ever Changed and Ever-Evolving


As we begin to emerge from a time of profound challenges, crises, instability, and persistent questions, this retreat day will invite participants to explore the deeper impact of living through these realities and how to move forward in the full and creative expression of who we are. In our pause to access the heart-of-the-matter, the day will honor the year past and embrace the future with fresh eyes and renewed promise for how we journey from here.

 January 21-23, 2022

Mercy Retreat & Conference Center, Auburn, CA


The Art, Science, and Practice of Sleep

Do you really want to sleep? Our invisible sleep and waking rhythms influence how we feel, what we do, and our relationships. This program provides practical skills that honor our body’s natural clocks to guide us toward deep and restful sleep while also honoring sleep as a sacred practice we can learn to do better. Sleep can be transformed from a struggle of deprivation to a nurturing and restorative rhythm. Learn details about sleep architecture, how to navigate challenging sleep terrain, and how to align our daily patterns to bring ourselves fully and creatively to each new dawn.

February, 2022, TBD

 Mercy Retreat & Conference Center, Auburn, CA.


Ind Retreats

Sacred Intensive

A sacred intensive retreat is to deepen inner connection. Together we will tailor your retreat by setting intentions for self-discovery, design practices to integrate creativity and shadow, and move through whatever arises. This is a solitary retreat with support available. Cost: 250 USD and up.

This individual retreat includes:

  • Integrative psychotherapy

  • Body work (massage or acupuncture)

  • Opportunities for deep self-reflection & silent meditation

  • Meals and accommodations at Mercy Retreat & Conference Center, Auburn, CA


kal-visuals-ISc1lPaUKPk-unsplash (1).jpg

Stability Through Change

Drawing from practical biopsychosocial skills and principles of allostasis, interwoven with contemplative practices, emphasis is on the holistic approach to resilience that supports our brain-body’s natural capacity to heal, grow and move with energy, creativity, and freedom. We can expand our personal and interpersonal adaptability on a physiological, cognitive, and sacred level.


Our Brains Divine 

Our Body’s Sacred Rhythms

The Wisdom of Emotions

Sacred Connections 


Location: The Mercy Retreat & Conference Center, Auburn CA. 

Dates: February, 2022 TBD

Cost: 200-350 USD

CE Credits  (details here)


Health Psychologist Mom's
2nd Tuesdays, 5:30 PM PST

Physician Wellbeing
Wednesdays, 6:00 PM PST

Attorney Wellbeing  
Thursdays [Private] 

Allostasis Talks 
3rd Tuesdays [Free] 




Jessica Del Pozo, PhD is a licensed clinical psychologist who has worked with diverse populations in health care organizations for the past 20 years. She founded Lemke Health Partners, the PACE program for pain management, and has led numerous workshops. She also writes the blog Being Awake Better for Psychology Today. 


Kevin Gallagher, JD is an author, attorney, facilitator, and founder of Emergent Resilience, a nonprofit organization that helps individuals and organizations navigate this time of transition. He is an organizing member of Sacred Activism as well as a wilderness guide and author of Hike the World and forthcoming Climate Rite: Initiation of an Eco-Chaplain.


 Latifat Alli-Akintade, MD is a physician at Kaiser Permanente specializing in gastroenterology. She received her bachelor's degree from UCLA in microbiology, immunology and molecular diseases, and her medical degree from the UCSF. Her residency training at Mount

Sinai Hospital, New York,  was followed by a fellowship at UC Davis. She is a life coach and organizer of White Coats for Black Lives in Sacramento.


Sung Lee, MD has published numerous studies on relationships between the brain and behavior, with a focus on allostasis, traumatic stress effects, and neuro-education.  He has been principal investigator for neurotechnology research awards from the US Department of Defense, is a scholarly project advisor at U Arizona, and he co-founded a Waldorf school in Sedona, AZ.  Sung is currently writing a book about new paradigms in the neurosciences.

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