Growing Resilient Together

Resilience in Crisis


Part 2: Difficult Emotions & Finding Calm

This 75-minute class addresses difficult emotions regarding structural violence in the backdrop of COVID-19: emotional contagion, self-, and co-regulation.

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There is no cost for this class but you must register to participate. 

Upcoming: July, 2020. Contact for details. 

Body-Soul Series


Wholeness is our true nature. Remember and rediscover the body, mind and soul connection through 6 different functions of our incredible brain-body system, its physio-emotional parts, and its unique and varying rhythms.

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Upcoming : To be announced soon. 

Stability Through Change


This workshop promotes personal wellness and community resilience for people working for social change.

Discussion, writing exercises, mindfulness and movement are used throughout the program related to the topics of self-care, burnout, and resilience. 

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Upcoming: September, 2020 via zoom. Details TBD.

Heading 1

The wholeness and freedom we seek is our true nature, who we really are. 

-Jack Kornfield


Jessica Del Pozo is a licensed clinical psychologist who has worked with diverse populations in health care organizations for the past 18 years. She founded the PACE program for pain management, has led numerous workshops, and writes the blog Being Awake Better for Psychology Today. 


Kevin Gallagher is an author, attorney, facilitator, and founder of Emergent Resilience, a nonprofit organization that helps individuals and organizations navigate this time of transition. He is an organizing member of Sacred Activism as well as a wilderness guide and author of Hike the World and forthcoming Climate Rite: Initiation of an Eco-Chaplain.


 Andrea Spacek is a long-time activist and Earthkeeper who has dedicated her life to stewarding the connection of humans to their Earth home. Her journey began in political advocacy, moved to land conservation and environmental consulting, and currently she works to shift human consciousness through yoga and bodywork at Align Thai Yoga.  

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Continuing Education Courses


Licensed Clinical Psychologist: 124 East Street, Auburn, California

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