Retreats & Workshops

Events are currently are held at the Mercy Retreat & Conference Center located at
535 Sacramento Street, Auburn, CA, just north of Sacramento. Accommodations and commuter prices available.
Most programs begin Friday evening and end Sunday at noon.

The Art, Science & Spiritual Practice

August 26-28th, 2022


What is your relationship with sleep? Our invisible sleep and waking rhythms influence how we feel, what we do, and affect our relationships. This program provides practical skills that honor our body’s natural clocks that guide us toward deep and restful sleep while also honoring sleep as a sacred practice we can learn to do better. Sleep can be transformed from a struggle of deprivation to a nurturing and restorative rhythm. Learn details about sleep architecture, how to navigate challenging sleep terrain, and how to align our daily patterns to bring ourselves fully and creatively to each new dawn.

Facilitated by Jessica Del Pozo, PhD.


Program, Accommodations, & Workbook: $295

Mindful Courage:
A Men's Retreat

March 2nd-5th, 2023

Would you like to deepen your relationships with yourself, those you care about, the natural world, and with your Higher Calling in life? Many men yearn for deeper relationships amid a global pandemic where social distancing creates unique challenges to these natural desires. This retreat explores what it means to be mindfully and emotionally courageous on the path of connection with yourself and others.

Facilitated by Ed Brantmeier, PhD.

Program & Accommodations: $295

Health and Human Design:

A New Dawn

TBD, 2022

Continuing Education Credits (CECs) Available

Drawing from practical biopsychosocial skills and principles of allostasis, interwoven with contemplative practices, emphasis is on the holistic approach to resilience that supports our brain-body’s natural capacity to heal, grow and move with energy, creativity, and freedom. We can expand our personal and interpersonal adaptability on a physiological, cognitive, and sacred level. This program is offered in four sections including: Our Brains Divine, Our Body’s Sacred Rhythms, The Wisdom of Emotions, and Sacred Connections.

Program & Accommodations: $350


Women's Retreats 

April 1-3, 2022 [FULL]

August 3-7, 2022 [WAITLIST]

October 14-16, 2022

These retreats provide nourishment for spirit, mind and body, with sacred time and space for solitude and connection, healing massage, and creative expression. By pausing to draw inspiration and wholeness through gentle awakening of all the senses, retreatants will go move forward with grace and renewed energy to continue on life's sacred journey.

Facilitated by the Mercy Retreat Team.

Program & Accommodations: $250-300

Note: These retreats fill to capacity quickly, but retreatants are frequently able to join from the waitlist.